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About Home Pro


We started as a small refinance mortgage operation. Our goal was to provide competitive interest rates to borrowers with friendly, personal service. As interest rates fell through the early 90’s our business thrived as were able to continue lowering clients rates.

Next, we broke into the purchase loan business and and quickly found that by combining mortgage and real estate services we could provide our clients a substantial savings. The program worked and the Home Pro 1% concept was born. As a primarily one agent operation, with a small support staff, we’ve managed to close over 1000 real estate transactions, over 2000 loans, and turn a large number of clients into friends.

Now, with technology completely changing not only the access to information but also the cost and process of marketing, Home Pro Realty Group is poised to impact our industry’s 30 year old commission structure.


Our mission now is to expand our brand and operation into the mainstream of the real estate market.

Our intention is to provide complete, comprehensive and experienced service plus ongoing assistance, advice and consultation for all Real Estate Industry related services to a continually growing number of satisfied customers.


Is to create “CLIENTS FOR LIFE”